Lieutenant Jack Morro has just days to go before being sent home from the war in Vietnam. But after inadvertently learning of evidence of a conspiracy involving his captain, he is hit by the captain’s ‘friendly fire’ in the midst of battle. He is left for dead but is only wounded, captured by the Viet Cong, and imprisoned.

When jack is reported killed in action, his fiancé, Diane – a rising New York journalist – plunges into alcoholism. A media giant named Vidal helps her recover, and Diane falls in love with him. But Vidal has secretes – including a connection to Jack’s supposed ‘death.’

However, Jack is alive, and after a year of imprisonment, he manages to escape. But he comes home to find Diane married to Vidal and his life still in peril from the information he learned in Vietnam.

Vidal, Jack, and Diane find themselves wrapped in a web of romance, deceit, and danger – and none of them will escape unscathed.

More twists and turns as the story winds down to a climax.





Shadow of Love

(A suspense novel and the sequel to Shadow of Guilt)

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Blaming his father, Ronnie Keller is still bitter over the fiery death of his mother.  One night, again plunged into drugs and alcohol, Ronnie follows his unsuspecting father along a deserted road in a heavy pickup truck.   With his window blocked from Chip’s visibility, he comes alongside and deliberately crashes into his father’s car.

But Chip survives the brutal crash, and he hires a detective to uncover the identity of his would-be killer.

At the same time he’s hired as a PR man to thwart the building plans of a powerful developer with corrupt political allies – plans that would threaten a magnificent ancient forest and the purity of the neighboring Delaware River in supplying drinking water to millions.

He’s joined in the campaign by Helen Shane, the married daughter of his  wealthy, retired client.  They are attracted to each other, but will she leave her husband or will Chip marry someone else he’s met?

And working together, will Chip and Helen beat the developer?  Will the detective learn that it was Chip’s own son who tried to kill him?  If he does, will he tell his very close friend, Chip, the crushing truth?

“… a fast-paced story filled with realistic dialogue (and) a complex love life woven into an intricate plot. I guarantee that once you begin to read this novel, you will not put it down until the last page.” (A  founding member of the National Book Critics Circle, Alan Caruba)

“An entertaining page-turner that delivers a complex story.”  — Kirkus Reviews

“An Unforgettable Story” — Writer’s Digest Reviewer



 Shadow of Guilt

(a suspense novel; the prelude to Shadow of Love)

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Shadow of Guilt Cover: Best Suspense BooksA Neglectful Husband, a Dissatisfied Wife, and a Vengeful Arsonist Out to Kill Both of Them.

Prominent PR man Chip Keller is on top of the world, but it’s about to come crashing in on him. On a night he should’ve been home, he puts business first, which leaves his family at the mercy of an arsonist. Stricken with guilt by the outcome, Chip drops out of life, then slowly begins a monumental struggle to reclaim it, trying to rescue a woman who is also drowning in guilt, and reconnect with his family.

“… a powerful reading experience…enhanced by realistic dialogue (with) a panoply of interesting characters.” National Book Critics Circle founding member Alan Caruba

“Move over John Grisham. Samuel Jay is a masterful storyteller who has created compelling characters that leap off the page… (in) a suspenseful page-turner.” Writer’s Digest reviewer

“…an intriguing premise, tight plotting, and well-defined characters – who the reader cares about.” USA Today best-selling author, David Hagberg (Joshua’s Hammer, High Flight)

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