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Methods of Writing

Shadow of Love


The craft is not just about writing. It is principally about re-writing. Some writers do a chapter by chapter outline, others write the first and last chapters to start off. Still others do a rough section-by-section, leaving room for change as one moves along. The last was my approach.

I started both Shadow of Guilt and the sequel, Shadow of Love, with a rough section-by-section outline, a rough one built in parts with just an idea as to where they were going. Did anything change along the way? Yes. I was going to have Chip stay in business to overcome his guilt, but I changed that for a more dramatic route. Ups, downs, you guess the conclusion.

But one thing is for sure in methods: always remember the seven year-old boy who told his father he was going to write a novel. Dad says fine, but do an outline first. Two days later, son hands this to his father: Chapter One: Robin Hood went riding. Chapter Two: The bad guys came. Chapter Three: They fought. Chapter Four: Robin Hood won. See, he sets the scene, then presents the conflict, then the battle, and then the conclusion. That’s how it should go!