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Secrets from My Upcoming Novel

My upcoming suspense novel, Deception (title subject to change due to several others with similar titles), will be published in the very near future following publisher edits, cover design, reviews, etc.  But I wanted to share a little bit about it with my readers. The heroine, Diane Gannon, a rising New York journalist, is excitedly waiting for her fiance, Lt. Jack Morro, to return from the Vietnam war in 20 days. But in the very next scene, we see Jack leading a squad as ordered by company commander Captain Jim Ivy, who eyes Jack and makes him the victim of ‘friendly fire.’

Why? Jack knows about a bribe Ivy took years earlier to deliver arms to Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution. The bribe was provided by American media giant, Roberto Vidal, a Venezuelan emigre and Castro supporter, who, having contact with journalist Diane, is in love with her.

Receiving a report that Jack is dead (false, he’s only been wounded and is in prison), Diane is shattered into alcohol and depression. Rescued by Vidal, they marry, and then Jack escapes, coming home to the bitter news that the woman he loves is married. Twists and turns until the conclusive battle between Jack and Vidal.

Will be available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.